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Nanjing is a sophisticated metropolis where the remains of past empires and ancient traditions gracefully intersect with contemporary Chinese culture. No trip to China is complete without experiencing the history and culture of Nanjing.


Nanjing offers a great variety of historical and cultural sites, including the city wall, temples, museums and monuments, found in the city center and within lush parks in the nearby mountains and stunning surrounding scenic areas. Use this interactive map to learn more about some of the most visited attractions that make this Chinese city legendary:

Purple Mountain

Towering in the eastern suburbs of Nanjing, Purple Mountain is one of the most well-known mountains in Southern China. The beautiful mountain got its name from the purple hued clouds that often surround its peak. The national park that encompasses Purple Mountain is home to 15 important historical and cultural relics including Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum, and one UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Xiaoling Mausoleum of Ming Dynasty. Learn more >

Confucius Temple

First constructed in A.D. 1034 as a sacred place to worship the great Chinese thinker, Confucius Temple has seen many periods of ruin and rebirth over its nearly 1,000-year history. Today the site is one of Nanjing’s most visited tourist complexes, comprising of the temple (with its enormous bronze statue of Confucius), Jiangnan Examination Hall and bustling districts for shopping and street food. Learn more >

Temples and Monastaries

Nanjing’s ancient streets and rolling hillsides are dotted with sacred temples and places of worship—from elaborate Buddhist monasteries to temples honoring the great thinker Confucius. See all >

Koi Fish

Two major waterways slice through the city of Nanjing: The Yangtze River and the Qinhuai River. Known as the “Mother River,” the Qinhuai is a long branch of the Yangtze, and its banks have nurtured Nanjing’s culture and civilization for thousands of years. It’s here that you’ll find important landmarks like Confucius Temple and the Zhonghua Gate of the Nanjing City Wall. Daily river cruises offer an unforgettable journey through Nanjing’s past and present. Select your cruise >

Street Food

One of China’s great cities for dumplings and duck dishes, Nanjing always has something delicious cooking. From open-air kitchens to aromatic alleyways packed with stalls, there’s no better way to get a taste of Nanjing’s culture than through its street foods. See more >

Nanjing City Wall

The 14th-century Nanjing City Wall is one of the most important cultural remnants of the Ming dynasty, as well as one of the only remaining city walls in China. Ordered by the first Ming emperor to fortify Nanjing against attack, the wall was built with more than 300 million bricks and snaked 22 miles (35 km) through the city. Six sections of the wall can be visited today. Learn more >

Henjing MapRed mountain

Rain Flower Stone Festival

Rain Flower Stone Festival

Every September, the Rain Flower Stone Festival celebrates a unique sedimentary stone. Learn more about Nanjing's annual events >


Tours and Day Trips

Tours and Day Trips

A variety of overnight travel packages and day trips are available for those interested in travel to Nanjing. View tours and packages >

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A City Like No Other

A City Like No Other

Nanjing is a major culture, arts and education hub of China, with art and design communities are growing in global prestige. Learn more >

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